Who I help with technical assistance

I have supported a range of organisations across the development actors spectrum working with them alone and collaboratively:

  • Multilateral agencies– UN Women, World Bank, Asian Development Bank
  • International Foundations – Ford Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundations, Charities Aid Foundation, Synergos Institute. Global Fund for Community Foundations, Firelight Foundation
  • Bilateral Development Organisations- CIDA, DFID, GTZ
  • Research bodies – IDRC, University of Cape Town, University of Bologna, Human Sciences, Research Council (HSRC), Coady International Institute, Saint Francis Xavier University, Canada
  • Consulting Firms: Cowater International ( Canada), Social Surveys (RSA) and Social Development Direct (UK)
  • Local Civil society Organisations: a selection includes: Black Sash, FAMSA, Choice Trust,  Community Media Trust,  Empretech, West Coast Community Foundation, Ikhala Trust, Dockda Rural Development Association,  Rustenburg Community Foundation,  Community Foundation of the Western Region, Jansenville Development Forum,  Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, WEMISH (Kenya)